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It’s true. She is the most adorable 6’2” chick ever. I’m not much for the icky love stuff, but after a year or so, this song finally won me over. I want her sidekicks to follow me around playing their instruments.

Betty what. Betty Who? (Just Like Me)

Go ‘head now Sophia Grace.

It looks like Ursula! he he

It looks like Ursula! he he

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Yeah cats TOTALLY only like us for food and have no emotional dependency at all.

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Jupiter cake


Jupiter cake

Oct 1

Did you know that Pink, as Alecia Moore, recorded an album with a guy named Dallas Green? They perform as a duo called You+Me and the album is called rose ave. This song is Break the Cycle.

Carlos was playing YouTube clips earlier and he follows NPR so this was in the mix. Really enjoyed her and would love to hear what she would do with the right producers. Irene Diaz.

Sofia Vergara / Jimmy Fallon. Lip Flip.

Jennifer Lopez F. Iggy Azalea / Booty. Daaaaaaamn.